Sunday, June 27, 2004

Capturing the Friedmans

just finished watching the documentary called "capturing the friedmans." do yourself a favour and go rent it quickly. i know most people don't like documentaries but this one is well worth it. it is not like a Michael moore one where he wants you to see his side of it but rather this one just presents the proof and lets you decide what you want. i went into it thinking it was just about a pedophile and how he was guilty and how that stigma will follow him for the rest of his life. turns out it ain't about that. the guy might not be guilty in my opinion which surprised me because there really isn't any other case dealing with crimes against kids that would make me say that. this movie make mark furman from the o.j. simpson trial look like a damn genius. stupid cops. kind of shows the predisposition we and society as a whole have for those accused of crimes against kids. go rent, buy or off site backup this one as soon as you can.


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