Thursday, July 01, 2004

all i want is a couple days off

four day day weekend and a huey lewis and the news(i think) song in my head. got some shopping to do and some movies to watch and least of all some sleep to catch up on. gonna go into edmonton tomorrow and pick up some shelves from ikea. surprisingly enough i don't hate that store. doesn't normally seem like my type of shop but i have usually found some stuff in there. also gonna go to a computer store while we are in edmonton and hopefully i can find some more modding crap for this computer. it just isn't blue enough yet. life is pretty sweet now. music companies can't sue file traders for jacking music and it was just passed down from the supreme court of this wonderful country we call canada that they can't charge ISPs for copyright infringement either. which means my ISP ain't going to be coming after me. have i mentioned before that i love this country?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ikea sucks

6:47 PM  

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