Sunday, July 11, 2004

destination vacation

it has begun. the summer of never ending visitors. me and amy have one free weekend from now until september. first some of amy friends, then my brother and his kid, then my sister and her husband and their kid and then i think my parents are coming hopefully not too much overlap. toss in a couple of weddings in august and we are booked up until september. all is good though, visitors actually make me get off my ass and actually do stuff. we went to calaway park with amy's friends yesterday and it was fun. amusement parks generally ain't my bag but i had a decent time. i forget how much i hate calgary until i get back in it. seems like they give a license to drive to the stupidest and most blind people in that city. i guess i can't expect to much. i live in a province of moronic and the biggest city is going to have the most moronic per capita. Please for the love of god you cloakrooms, STOP INBREEDING. You make the whole province look bad.


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