Friday, July 16, 2004

never ending visitors continues

my brother and his little one are here now to stay with us for a while. not too shabby. the other people who were here before should be back home by now. hopefully their stay with us wasn't too boring. it is nice to have people come to visit us but it also nice to have time to yourself. all these visitors have thrown me out of my regular routine. i think we now have a week or just under a week with no visitors to get me back on track. then some more people come to get me out of my patterns. don't get me wrong, i don't mind at all it is just as so used to the way i do things and the time i do things it takes me a while to adjust. i still don't think i can adjust to kids though. three of them staying here in the past week or so. all of them are good kids, i just ain't ready to have my own. some say that ain't a bad thing. one of me is enough already.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No more updates. What's up with that?

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