Sunday, July 04, 2004

shave and a haircut no longer 2 bits

i got my hair cut and actually shaved for once. for those who haven't seen me recently think of chris robinson of the black crowes. i pretty much looked like an irish goat herder. not a pretty site by any stretch of the imagination. i am currently taking bets on when i will be asked for ID the next time. i rarely got asked when i had the beard but with my reborn baby face i won't be able to by cigarettes without ID most of the time. i really don't look like the picture in my ID either which might present a problem. long haired, furry faced goat herder to backstreet preppie ass boy with a goatee might be a bit too much for stupid and inbred albertan gas station attendants to comprehend. nothing like living in a province full of rednecks. our leader, king ralph, is proof postive that you should not sleep with your sister. i am surrounded by idiots.


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