Friday, July 02, 2004

wasted time, wasted trip

the trip to edmonton was mostly a wasted day. none of the computer stores that i wanted to go to were open and one was no longer in existence. the only thing i picked up was some shelves that match the computer desk. guess i have to order the crap i want online. i am having a hard time choosing a new power supply. i want features from about three different manufacturers. what is bugging me the most is that i can't find the mousepad i want. a damn mousepad. yes i know most people don't use them but it turns out optical mice and glass desks aren't a match made in heaven. stupid ass mouse doesn't work. the light beam goes through the glass. imagine that. i want a very specific mousepad and can't find the damn thing. three of the stores in town can't even order it for me. squankers all of them.


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