Thursday, September 30, 2004

don't make me whip you with my bible belt

holy crap batman. will someone tell the bible pimps out there to step away from my front door and stay out of my blog. some of the points stacy made in her comments on this blog were completely valid...that is if you assume her version of God and her bible are indeed the only correct ones. There are about 50ish different variations on Christianity (Anglicans, Lutherans, Catholics, Witnesses and the like) all with different views on who and what God is so how does Stacy know that hers is the right one. unless Stacy has access to 2000-3000 year old aramaic scrolls with the original bible verses on them, please stop quoting the bible. The translation over the years has lost most of the meaning. Which version is the right one? Is the king james right, is the good news bible right, is the bible written by any religion ever right. Translations will always carry the bias of the translator. theoretically, it is a perfect book translated by imperfect beings. try doing that whispering game we all did as kids. form a line, the first person whispers something to the second person, then the second person whispers the same thing to the third person and so on and so forth. turns out most of the time when it gets to the last person, it sounds nothing like the first person's whisper. put that analogy towards bible translations and you should see my point. some may call me an idolator but my take on it is, no one has got it right yet. my version of God is not the same as yours may be but i am willing to admit that i may be wrong on some aspects. i think that is where the problem lies. Stacy seems to have a belief of what her God is and is very devout in that belief. people have gone to war over religious beliefs, people have died over religious beliefs. to me that is not right. i only have an idea about what God is. an idea an can change and adapt but changing a belief is a lot tricker. changing a belief is like having to admit you were wrong. i take something from every ounce of exposure to religion i get, stacy's blog included. my God is ever evolving. we evolve as humans, why shouldn't God do the same. i am different now than i was ten years ago why shouldn't God have changed in thousands of years as well? some people may not like that last statement but even if i just blab about sunshine and daisies i will still offend someone somewhere so it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. "i am what i am" in the words of the poet popeye. i guess that is a long enough rant from this evildoer.


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you wrote a book man

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great post

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