Friday, September 03, 2004

might move again

me and amy were having supper the other day, all of a sudden amy says she might be able to get a job in the U.K. i thought to myself that might not be too bad. move to england for a year or two, see the country move back to canada and buy a house. we are seriously talking about it and maybe in the spring move to the u.k. i didn't think i would like the idea of moving to another country but to my greatest shock, i actually like the idea. we have no kids, we have no mortgage so we really have nothing to lose. i think it is a three step process. step 1: determine if we can go financially step 2: find places to store the crap we own step 3: poop our pants from nerves because we are moving out of the country.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a tip for step three - wear diapers...

3:49 PM  

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