Thursday, December 09, 2004


just finished watching troy and it was a better movie than i thought it was going to be. if you have a thing for brad pitt's ass this movie is about a close to perfection as you can get since it is shown about every twenty minutes. i don't so it was just a solid movie for me and my tastes. city under siege scenes just don't have the impact anymore after seeing the lord of the rings movies. no big ass battle scene is better than the ones at helm's deep and the white city. i was really surprised at how much i paid attention to the movie tonight. i thought it was going to be one of those where i plunk it into the dvd player and fall asleep half way through (aka the hulk). i have tried to watch the hulk about 4 times and never made it through once. eric bana is in both movies and he only sucks in one. someone deserves a kick in the dingleberries for releasing the crap pile called the hulk.


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