Wednesday, March 09, 2005

personal privacy

i read this article on the interweb about canada's proposed legislation about internet usage and the government's suggested tracking ability on that usage and other such nasty abuses of power. it would make it illegal for isp's to withhold any info relating to the end user. this truthfully scares the living shit out of me. not because i do anything overly bad on the internet but because my right to some degree is privacy is all shot to hell. the government doesn't need to read my emails to friends and family quite frankly. not only do they not need to read them, they do not have the right to. i can't believe some people out there think that this type of legislation is all fine an dandy. how can you be so short sited. there is not too far of a leap between scanning internet traffic and mounting cameras in your house. the EFF is a great place to find out the skinny on the digital rights people like you and me are losing due to outdated and knee-jerk reaction laws. 2p2 apps are not bad, the copyright rules and regulations that were written in the '70s need to be updated to reflect today's digital world. open your eyes peeps, big brother's are open and they are staring at you.


Anonymous The Gov said...

we are already watching you buddy!

4:13 AM  

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