Monday, May 23, 2005

star wars

so it turns out i am a really big dork. me and amy went to see star wars episode 3 the other night. that by itself isn't bad. turns out i wore a star wars shirt to the movie just like the fanboys who lined up for days before it started showing in theatres. but to make things really dorky, the shirt i was wearing was a homemade star wars shirt. nothing says dork like making your own star wars tshirts. i am actually pretty pleased with the way my star wars shirt turned out. i didn't intend on wearing the shirt to the movie because i think it is really dorky and i don't need to prove how big of a fan i am of star wars. we went to the theatre in innisfail because i didn't want to stand in line at one of the theatres in red deer and possibly still not get in because the bastards won't sell advance tickets. the theatre in innisfail ain't too bad except i would not recommend going there if you have a sensitive butt. those seats aren't meant for human asses. we are probably going to see charlie and the chocolate factory when it comes to that theatre.


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