Sunday, October 02, 2005

20p to go pee

My first experience with a pay toilet. It cost 20 pence to go pee. Something just wrong about that but when you gotta go, you gotta go. I do not like peeing in a trough which is how they had it set up. There was a security guard there to make sure you paid. They must make a fortune doing this. 6 people in line in this picture and there were 5 of us in our group who went to the toilet. That is over 2 pounds in about five minutes. This was in a casino like place around Piccadilly Circus in London. The crowds in London are nuts. Such disorganized chaos but the people over here don't seem to mind it. Definitely not my style but we will go back to check out the sites during the day time.


Blogger Keith said...

u gonna go broke going to the bathroom unless you stay home

12:35 AM  
Anonymous Shalyn said...

u have to PAY to go to the bathroom?

12:50 AM  
Anonymous Mary Ellen said...

don't worry. i'll screen these before they read them!

12:51 AM  

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