Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fun frivolity

Between this blog entry and the last one, I have found the meaning of life. Just have fun. Both this animated gif and the nitrous oxide powered bike are prime examples of people wasting their free time doing things that they love. There is nothing earth changing about these labours of love, just good old fashioned fun. The idea for the bike was probably born from one too many pints of Guinness and the gif is probably the child of one bored web designer and too much time on his hands. You gotta love what the good ol' interweb can provide. This gif is probaby better than the whole Phantom Menace sack of monkey poo Star Wars fans had to sit through. It baffles me that someone sat down and did this but conversely it makes me wish I had a hobby that would allow me to waste my time and talent and make myself laugh at the same time. Both the bike and the Star Wars thing are amazing to me. I need to find something to do for fun just to have fun doing it.


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