Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My dirty little secret

I haven't been wardriving over here yet. I have been warsitting (found a neighbor's unprotected wifi access) and just a little bit of warwalking with the PDA (ASDA has the same ap numbering system as Walmart). I think there is just too much other stuff to concentrate on or look at over here. Probably be a bit easier when we know our way around the city without a map and without the worry about going down the wrong side of the road. It is a bit strange that I like looking at other people's wifi access points. I rarely hop on but for some reason I find it fun. I think it is kind of like looking into other peoples' front windows while you are walking down the street. Everyone does it. It feels just a little bit dirty and naughty but you just can't help yourself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you not aware that your blog is public and anyone including from law enforcement can see what you are talking about. i am a cop from the us and i tell you you are in big trouble

3:07 AM  

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