Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Uh oh!

I found this article about gmail and the damn UK. This really sucks. just doesn't roll off the fingertips quite as well as My gmail address still works but unless they can get the dispute settled looks like I might eventually have to switch. I tried but it is too damn ugly. I hate hotmail. They new yahoo mail GUI is nice but there aren't any web based email providers that have it down to a science like google. I was wondering about this new wrinkle with gmail, I signed up in Canada but now live in the UK so will this even affect my account because google owns the gmail trademark in Canada. I found other articles saying that the IIIR company wanted $50 million for the trademark but the company is only worth $6 million. Isn't that a bit much considering their whole company isn't worth the value they have placed on the word "gmail." I understand that they had the domain first but other people have had to give up their domains because the product is synonymous with the other company. was the first one to jump to mind. At least they weren't cyber-squatting and are actually doing something with the name gmail.


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