Sunday, October 16, 2005

What were they thinking?

Every trip to the grocery store over here has been an adventure. I think someone should have lost their job over the "Pooh sticks." They should have realized there are far too many people with my sense of humour. I guess Winnie the Pooh poops some tasty crap. I don't think anyone would buy Ian sticks! I might offer you a chocolate covered pretzel (watch Mallrats if you don't get that joke) but never a log straight from my bum. The spotted dick, on the other hand, is just sick. I assume certain slang words don't translate from one culture to another but I just about had an accident in the store I was laughing so hard. Yes, you can get a spotted dick for the low, low price of 93 pence. I used to hate grocery shopping but with finds like these I almost look forward to going. Notice I said almost. I still hate grocery shopping. There are far too many people in ASDA even at 9pm on a Saturday night.


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