Friday, November 04, 2005

Damned if you do...

For once I actually went out and bought a new game within a week of it's release date. Turns out I got screwed. Bloody Securom copy protection doesn't play well with my main burning program which is Alcohol 120%. It took me about an hour to find a work around. It bothers me that when I try to be honest and spend hard earned cash on a game, this crap pops up because I burn CDs. Crap like this to me seems to be taking copy protection a step too far. Don't even get me started on Sony's latest attempt on copy protection which is even worse than this securom invasion. If you put a Sony audio CD in your computer now, you are basically installing a rootkit which is a nice and easy unlocked back door for a hacker. Now how nice is that? Long story short, Lucas Arts may have lost a customer and Sony for sure is one client short. Goodbye PS3, hello Xbox 360.


Blogger maria kerouac said...

Hey so how do you unistall the rootkit? How do you get rid of it? and does this happen with EVERY Sony CD? including audio cd's?

9:54 PM  

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