Thursday, November 17, 2005


At work today I learned some cockney rhyming slang. Harris asked Barry where Mick was and Barry's response was "I think he's taking a Thomas." Me, being the quizzical type that I am, asked Barry what the hell he was talking about. It turns out that a "thomas" is the polite way of saying "tom tit" which in cockney rhyming language means "shit." I have no idea where stuff like this comes from. Who in their right mind would create such a nonsensical euphemism for going poop. That has to take the cake for strange sayings that I have heard over here. The other cockney saying that I have actually heard used is "apples and pears" which seems to mean "upstairs." Not as funny in my mind but then most people don't seem to have my nasty sense of humour either.


Blogger tickled~pink said...

Thomas = tom tit = shit?

That's too complicated...

9:02 PM  

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