Wednesday, January 11, 2006

She just loves me for my big dictionary

I learned a new word at work today. Yob. It basically means punk kid with no respect for anyone or anything. It turns out that Swindon is rampant with yobs. Tony Blair even visited this fine town to address the yob problem. Nice to see that the town I live in is the poster child for badly behaved youth. I am learning a whole other language during my stay in England. The English have different sayings than I am used to. It is a good thing I have my English to English dictionary handy. The problem is the book keeps getting bigger and bigger. Well I guess it's not a problem for some people. We all wish we had bigger dictionaries.


Blogger corbs83 said...

Was nice of him to pick a couple of bad areas of Swindon and then have it all plastered over the news.

Doesn't represent the town well. The idiot.

5:45 PM  

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